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2007,2006,2005,2004,2003 Shad Report

05 - 04 -03 Shad Report
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Here are the Shad Reports for 2003,2004,2005,2006

 2006 Shad Report

April 6, 2006

Cashie is 3.90 foot

Hoggard Mill the Shad are still there but most have gone up in the swamp to spawn. They should be bitting again in a few days when they come back out of the swamp.


April 4&5, 2006

Cashie is 3.84 foot

On the 4th the Shad where at Windsor 100’s where caught for the day. On the 5th 100’s where caught at Hoggard Mill.


March 22, 2006

Cashie is 3.31 foot

I have not been fishing yet. I've been hearing the Shads are bitting. But I don't think there hot yet the water is still low in the Cashie and it's been cold at nights. I think most of the Shad are going up the roanoke now because the water is running stronger.


March 15, 2006

Cashie is 3.03 foot

At the town bridge, I heard around 100 shads where caught but I was not there. I think it’s still to soon for a sure thing.


March 8, 2006
Cashie is 3.48 foot
Hoggard Mill some herrings are being caught but not many. I have not heard of any Shads being caught yet.
March 1, 2006
Cashie is 4.12 foot
Hoggard Mill a few herrings have been caught but nothing wroth going yet. I will post when I can

2005 Shad Report

April 17, 2005

Hoggard Mill the Herrings are being caught from the bridge. Not many Shad are being caught now. I got 25 Herrings with the bow net this afternoon.

April 10, 2005

Water height 5.05 feet

Hoggard Mill a few Shads are being caught. More Herrings are in the upper Cashie than Shad. Good numbers of Herrings have been caught from the bridge for the last three days. I have been getting my limit everyday with the bow net.

April 6, 2005

Hoggard Mill the Shad are still being caught. Herrings are the main thing being caught. Lots of Shad and some Herrings up in the swamps. I got 25 Herrings the limit per person each day this week.

April 2, 2005

Water height 5.11 feet

Hoggard Mill the Shad are being caught but still hard to catch a limit. Herrings are still being dipped with the bow nets.

April 1, 2005

Water height 4.96 feet

I did not get to Hoggard Mill until 2:30 pm. People where fishing but I went up in the swamp. I dipped 25 Herrings and released 30 or 40 Shads. Shad are still being caught but hard to catch a limit.

March 31, 2005

Water height 5.21 feet

Hoggard Mill more Shad are biting but it’s still a lot of casting to catch one. Herrings are still being taken from the bridge. In the swamp I got my limit of 25 Herrings before dark.

March 30, 2005

Water height 5.30 feet

Water temp 61`

Hoggard Mill not many Shad where caught but they are still there. The main thing being caught is Herrings from the bridge. Over 50 Herrings where caught for the day from the bridge. In the swamp with the bow nets. I got my 25 limit of Herrings and 7 other people got there limits also.

March 29, 2005

Water height 5.42 feet

Hoggard Mill some Herrings where caught in the morning with dip nets and rod and reels. The Shad are still there but not many are being caught. Some catfish and being caught on the bottom with cut Shad. This afternoon with the dip net some Herring where took. Three people dipping got their 25 limit of Herrings. I got 17 Herrings and real wet because I fell out of the boat while dipping. The water was not that cold I got back in the boat and keep dipping until dark.

March 28, 2005

Water height 5.57 feet

Hoggard Mill fishing was ok in the morning and slow the rest of the day. The Shad are still there but more casting than catching. I was there off and on all day and around 20 Shad where caught that I saw. In the swamp Herrings are around but hard to get because of the high water. I got my limit of 25 Herring and one other guy did also.

March 27, 2005

Water height 5.68 feet

Water temp. 50`

Hoggard Mill - I got there at 5:30 am with the dip net. I got 17 Herrings and released 35 Shads. Shad fishing is about the same more casting than catching. The Shad are there in good numbers but hard to catch. For the day not over 50 Shad where caught. The afternoon I took a buddy with the me in the swamp to try to dip some Herrings. He got 15 Herrings and released four Crappies, six catfish, three creek roaches, and 15 Shad.

March 25, 2005

Water height 6.09 feet & dropping

Hoggard Mill lots of Shad but no many being caught. For the day 60 some Shad where caught and a few Herrings. 12 catfish where also caught today. I got three Herrings with the dip net.

March 24, 2005

Water height 6.13 feet & rising

I didn’t get to Hoggard Mill until 1:30 pm and not much was going on. I saw a few Shad caught before I went up in the swamp with the bow net. Fished with the dip net until 8:00 pm and got 17 Herrings and released over 100 Shads.

March 23, 2005

Water height 5.83 foot


Hoggard Mill morning fishing is slow but Shad are being caught. I heard 8 or 10 Shad where caught. I went to Hoggard Mill at 1:00 pm and saw three or four Shad caught. Went up the swamp with the bow net and fished until 8:00 pm. I dipped 14 Herrings and over 100 Shads. You could hear the Shad all over the swamp washing on the water surface.


March 22, 2005

Water height 6.00 feet

Hoggard Mill fishing, stay home and save gas. I heard not many Shad where caught in the morning about 18. I went at 1:00 pm and fished for one hour and caught one Herring. I saw three Shad caught. I went up the swamp to dip Herrings and got four. All day was just bad fishing. Around 25 Shad where caught for the day.

March 20, 2005

Water height 6.42 foot & holding

Hoggard Mill Shad fishing was real good this morning. Lots of people fishing. Shad where being took on anything in the water. Some where nice row Shads. I caught a few Shad on the fly rod and lots more on the reel and rod. Bait rigs where catching Shads but most got off before getting on the bridge and fell back in the water. Spoons and grubs where taking Shads too. I caught one Herring on a bait rig from the bridge and I think it was the only one caught. Afternoon was good for Shad also. For the day 250 to 400 Shad where caught at Hoggard Mill. I went up in the swamp with the dip net and got 7 Herrings. I heard up town at Todd’s Bait Shop Shad where being caught every three or four cast.

March 19, 2005

Water temp. 48`

High water 6.12 feet & rising

Hoggard Mill is getting better all the time now. Lots of people Shad fishing today. Over 100 shads and a few Herrings where caught for today with rod and reels. This afternoon some Shads where took on fly rods from the bridge. All baits where good today and Shads where took on spoons, grubs, and bait rigs. The Shad just stayed on one side of the bridge and did not go under it. As for the Herrings in the swamp with the dip net, no one caught anything that I know of.

March 18, 2005

Water temp. 41`

Hoggard Mill the water is rising. Shad are there but it’s more casting than catching. I saw 8 or 10 Shad caught. The best bait I saw was a white twist tail. At 1:30 pm I went to dip Herrings with a friend. She got one Herring the first dip and 17 Herrings the next dip. We fished for over an hour and could not got anymore. I went back at 3:00 pm and tried for two hours and got none.

March 17, 2005

Raining and cold no fishing report.

March 14, 2005

Water Temp. 42`

Not much was going on at Hoggard Mill. I stop by to try for a Herring and three people where there. I saw one Herring and no Shad. Afternoon was not much better for fishing. I saw a few Shad caught on rod and reels. I got my 25 Herrings but it took two hours.

March 13, 2005

water height 4.84 feet

Hoggard Mill their where a few people fishing from the bridge and getting a few herrings. This afternoon I got 25 Herrings with the bow net and others where getting Herrings also.


March 12, 2005

Hoggard Mill the bridge was just about full with people fishing for Herrings. I would say 60 or 70 Herring where caught. I went in the swamp with the bow net and got 25 Herrings. There where about 4 other people that got their limit also.

March 11, 2005

I went on the lower Roanoke today. Put over at the 32 bridge and ran to the sound bridge trolled from one side to the other and no bites. We fish in the lower Roanoke on the bottom and in the lower Cashie River also. We did not get a bite. I think the water is still cold and it was also muddy. When I got to Hoggard Mill it was 5:00 pm. they’re where three people fishing from the bridge for Herrings. I went in the swamp with the bow net and got 25 Herrings. Three other bow net fishermen got 25 also. Not many Shad where caught in the net. I don’t know about Shads caught with rod and reel but I am sure there where a few caught.

March 11, 2005

Hoggard Mill there are more Herrings being caught with rod and reels from the bridge than anything else. There where around 80 herrings caught from the bridge. A few Shad where caught but not many. There are lots of Shad up in the swamps and some Herring. The cold water has them not moving too much until right before dark. I got 5 Herrings at 2.00 pm and 10 right before dark with the bow net.

March 9, 2005

Hoggard Mill things a getting better. I went there at 3:30 pm to meet a friend so we could try the bow net. Three people where fishing from the bridge for Herrings and getting a few. There was a few people fishing for Shad on the banks and catching a few. The where already some people fishing with bow nets and getting a few fish on my way up to fish. On the way up the swamp you could hear and see Shad and herrings washing everywhere. Put the net in the water and right off Shads and more Shads. We dipped until dark and got around 32 Herrings and I know 100 Shads. The Shad where so bad I took the net out of the water a few times and just set there and watch as the fish played in the swamp. It was something to see 15 to 30 Shad tails all in one place out of the water and splashing everywhere. You could see this many Shad together in 10 to 15 places all over.

March 7, 2005

Hoggard Mill not much to talk about as for fishing. I only saw two or three people fishing for the day. There are more Shad starting to show at Hoggard Mill so it won't be long and it should be easy to catch some Shad. I was up the swamp at 6:00 am with the bow net and caught two herrings and a few Shad. But lots of flipping on the surface from something. This afternoon right before dark was better. With the bow net there where right many Shad and I got the other 23 Herrings to make my 25. There where 5 other bow net fisherman and all got their 25 each of Herrings.

March 6, 2005

Hoggard Mill the Shad have got there but no good yet. Today there where around 12 Shad caught and a few Herrings caught on bait rigs. I got 22 Herrings in the bow net and a few Shad.

March 2, 2005

I got an email that the first Shad was caught by Joe Warlick of Windsor caught on 2/23/05 behind Todd's boat shop. Also on 3/01/05 I heard there where around 15 shads caught behind Todd's boat shop. Today my father saw two Shad caught behind Todd's boat shop. The water is rising so hopefully the Shad and Herrings will come in good.

February 24, 2005

Raining and 45` no Shads have been caught in the upper Cashie. The herring that where here are gone now. The water is rising so hopefully there will be some shad soon.

February 19, 2005

Cashie River

No Shad reports yet. There are a few herrings in the swamps. I got six in the bow net this afternoon.


 2004 Shad Report

April 14, 2004

Cashie River still has a few Shad around. It's more casting than catching do to the fact most of the Shad have left. Lots of Herrings are in the swamps now and have been for the last two days. I got my limit this afternoon three others got their limit also.


April 5, 2004

Hoggard Mill the water is over 3 foot low. The Shad are still there but holding in deep holes. You can see them flipping on top but catching them is hard. A few Shad where caught off and on all day. Limits of Shad are unlikely at this time. Unless you want to fish all day. As for the Bow net a few Shads and one Herring.


March 30, 2004

Hoggard Mill was real slow today. The wind has blown the water out and it is over 3 foot low. A few Shad where flipping on top but hard to hook. Some Shad where caught but not in good numbers. Hopefully when the water comes back up the Shad fishing will pick up.


March 28, 2004

Hoggard Mill the Shad are still biting good. Lots of pepole fishing off and on all day. Over 200 Shad where caught today. Also a few Herrings are coming in. I got 12 this afternoon with the bow net.


March 24 & 25, 2004

Hoggard Mill has been on fire the last two days. We had a Small Shad run come up the Cashie on Tuesday and another big Shad run came Wednesday. Lots of pepole fishing off and on the last few day. Some where around 200 to 500 Shad have been caught the last two days. The Shad should be easy to caught for the next 3 to 4 days. No Herrings to talk about in the swamps. I think there has been about 9 caught in the last 3 days that I know about.


March 23, 2004

The Shad are wide open at Hoggard Mill on the upper end of Cashie river. There where people Shad fishing off and on all day. Every one was catching Shad. Silver spoons worked best for me but Shad where caught on what every hit the water. You could see 8 to 10 Shad flipping on top at a time. Well over 200 Shad where caught for the day. Up in the swamps the Shad where Head to tail. All through the woods you could see and hear Shad washing. I fished with the Bow net for one hour and dipped over 80 Shad. No Herrings running yet and all the Shad where released.


March 16, 2004

Anyone who want to catch some Shad should come to the Cashie river now. From Windsor to Hoggard Mill the Shad are showing up. The next 4 or 5 days should be great Shad fishing. Good numbers of Shad where caught at Todd's Boat shop and behind the Trade Mart. Hoggard Mill was hot also. The Herrings are up in the swamp also. I got 9 herrings in the Bow net. I could have got more but the Shad where to aggravating.


March 15, 2004

Cashie river the Shad are starting to show up at Windsor. There where 5 or 6 people fishing. I saw around 6 caught. I fished there and caught one. Hoggard Mill has a few Herrings up in the swamp. I got 24 with the Bow Net and others where getting some too.


March 14, 2004

The Shad have not made it up the Cashie yet. I saw four people fishing and they didn't catch anything. I tried the Bow net this afternoon until dark and didn't catch anything.


February 25, 2004

Todd's boat shop not much going on. I fished for 45 minuets and no luck. Hoggard Mill no fish also. I heard there where a few herrings took in the swamp for the bow nets.


February 24, 2004

I have heard reports of some Shad have been caught at the ramp in Windsor. I fished there for a shot time today and did not catch anything. I will post again when I know they are here.



2003 Shad Report

April 22, 2003

    I would like to Thank all of you who stopped by my site this past Shad season. We had a real good year for Shad fishing. Hopefully we will have one more run of Shad or herrings. I will post a report if anything is going on.

April 15, 2003

   Hoggard Mill on the 8th the water was about a foot low, then the rain rose the river to over 5 feet by the 11th. Since then the water has came down a lot, it's only about 1 1/2 foot high now. Shad have all but left the Cashie for now. Hopefully we will have a few more good runs of Shad. In the swamps the herrings where running. I got 64, two Shad and someone else got around 25 herrings with the dip net.

April 13, 2003 - water 5.80 feet high

   Hoggard Mill looks like the fishing is out for the next week or so.  I went and tried to cast for a Shad,  but had no luck,  too much water.

April 11, 2003  water six foot high

       We have had over five inches of rain this month. The Cashie River is over the banks and rolling fast. No one is fishing and they will not fish for at lest a week. Hopefully we will have some more Shad fishing this year.

April 9, 2003 

    They say no news is good new, but not true for fishing. The Shads fishing in a word  slow! It rained most of the day but I fished for around 1 hour with no luck at Todd's. I have not had any reports of Shads being catch in the upper Cashie or swamps today or the past few days. I think the Roanoke River is the best bet now for shads and Rock.

April 7,2003

    How things can change in a few days, when trying to out smart a fish. I have been searching the River for Shads. The Shad have just about left the river. There are still a few Shad holding up in deep holes along the river, also a few Shad are being caught from the banks, but not in good numbers. It would be hard to get a limit of Shad now. I hope we will have a few more good runs of Shad. The herrings are getting slow also. I got three with the Bow net that we lost I think or got left behind one.

April 1, 2003

    Hoggard Mill no Shads where caught (( April Fool ))!! It was the same as always. Shads flipping all over the surface. For the day well over 200 Shads where caught on Spoons any color. Most people got tired of catching them and watched others pulling them in. In the swamp the Herrings are gone. I tried for two hours with the Bow net and got two Shads.

March 31, 2003

    Hoggard Mill the water has dropped and Shad fishing is rolling hard. A lot of Shads flipping on the surface. As many as 25 at the time can be seen breaking water. Where the Cashie River ends and goes in the swamp this is Hoggard Mill. This is the last deep whole and just about as far as the Shad can go. There would be spells where you would get a Shad every three or four casts. There where over 100 Shads Caught for the day. In the swamp the water was real low and running fast. Fished with the Bow net and got 17 herrings in four dips then nothing.

March 29,2003

   Cold and raining.

March 28, 2003

      Hoggard Mill has been good in the morning, but slow down in the afternoon. Good numbers of shad are being took on Spoons in the mornings. Also a few herrings have been caught on rod and reels. A little run of herrings came thru and around 125 where took with Bow nets. I got 44 in about 1 hour.

March 27, 2003

      Fishing at Hoggard Mill was the same a hot bite was on in the morning but then slowed down in the afternoon. For the morning 150 Shads where caught and around 30 Shads where caught in the after noon. The herrings are coming in I got 29 with the Bow nets.

March 26, 2003 --water temp. 64

     Shad fishing is very slow. Todd's a few fish where caught but not over 15 for the day. Hoggard Mill had good fishing in the morning over 100 shads where took but after lunch things slowed down. Not over 20 Shads where caught from lunch to dark. I got one herring in the Bow net and no Shads.

March 25, 2003 - water temp. 62

     Fishing today was real slow at Todds and Hoggard Mill. I only saw about three people fishing at Todds and there where not over 4 or 5 Shads caught while I was there. Hoggard Mill, I had a report of a good Shad bite in the morning over 100 Shads caught.But I got there after lunch and there where about 10 people fishing and at the most there was 30 Shads took for the afternoon. In the swamp is was ever worse. I tried with the Bow net for 2 hours and got nothing.

March 23, 2003 - water temp. 60

     Hoggard Mill was about the same as it has been. There was around 18 people fishing off and on all day. The Shads where biting in small sprits. There where over 200 Shads took and most where released. In the swamps a few herrings are coming out, but mostly one at a time. The Shads where not to bad today with the Bow nets. I got a report that someone got a five gallon bucket full of herrings. I went for about one hour and got 14 herrings and released around 25 Shads.

March 22, 2003

     Hoggard Mill the Shad where there, but hard to catch. Most Shad would get off, before you got them to the bank. There where 2 to 5 shads caught at a time by the people fishing, somebody had the water splashing all the time. Well over 300 Shads where caught. Herrings are still in the swamps, but not as many as there was. I got 7 herrings and released 4 Shads in the Bow net in one hour. To slow for me, so I came back Shads fishing.

March 21, 2003

     Hoggard Mill was the best change of getting a Shad. There where around 15 people fishing off and on all day. Well over 200 Shads where caught today and still a few herrings are being took on spoons. In the swamps the Shads are every where along with a few herrings. I got 27 herrings and released at lest 125 Shads after dark with the Bow net.

    Todds Bait Shop is slow. There are catching Shads, but it is more casting than catching.

March 20, 2003

     Hoggard Mill was the hot spot today. Even in the rain the Shads where biting. There where about 8 people fishing and the Shads where hitting the green spoons and silver spoons. There where well over 100 Shads caught. Most where catch and release. I caught about 5, but I did not fish long due to the rain. Up in the swamp, not to good for the herrings and shad. I heard that someone got 86 herrings this morning. I got 9 herrings and a few shads, right before dark.

March 18, 2003

      Hoggard Mill Shad fishing is still on fire. The people are averaging one Shad every 7 or 8 casts. Also, they are getting a few Herrings on the Shad spoons. Catfish are still around in good numbers too. The Herrings are up in the swamp in good numbers along with the Shads. People with Bow Nets are getting around 30 to 100 Herrings in about 3 hours. I got a nice American Shad with the Bow Net and Dipped 47 Herrings after dark.

     Windsor town ramp is starting to slow down a little. Due to the Shads being gone up in the swamps. But a new run should be thru anytime now. They are still catching a few now and then, but its more casting than catching.

  March 17, 2003   

     Todds Boat Shop the Shads are still running strong. I fished for about two hours off and on. Caught some many I lost cont. Lost two big row Shads, broke my line. There where a lot of Shads caught that where over 2 lbs. A lot of people fishing and well over 200 Shads where caught.

      Hoggard Mill is still on fire also. About 12 people fishing there. All day long somebody was pulling one in. Well over 150 Shads where caught and around 60 lbs. of catfish. The Herrings are still in the swamp along with the Shads. For the Herrings around 100 where caught with the Dip Nets. I went up the swamp right before dark and got 32 Herrings but the Shads are so thick its hard to get herrings. I released some many Shads, I lost count well over 50.

March 16,2003

The hot spot for the Shad is Hoggard Mill. There where Shads caught off and on all day. In the afternoon there where several hundred herrings took with Bow Nets. I have been getting some nice catfish also.

March 13, 2003

    Fishing at Hoggard Mill today. The water has dropped a lot, but still needs to drop about 10 more inches. This morning the Shad where being caught when I got there. There where three or four people fishing for Shad. Somebody was pulling one in steady. Also a few herrings came thru and right many where caught on Shad spoons. The most at one time fishing for the day was about 8. I think most where up town Shad fishing. I heard that there where right many people there, but fishing was slow .For the day at Hoggard Mill at lest 100 shads where caught and a few herrings. I went up the swamp with the Bow Net, right before dark and got around 37 herrings.

March 11, 2003

       The temperature got down below 32 last night. That made the Shad go to the bottom. Plus in the morning it was raining off and on. Even so at the Town ramp there still was a hardy few out in the rain casting for Shads. I saw them catch a few  from my truck. Later in the day the rain finally stop and the Shad picked up a little. Most of the day was casting and casting with a Shad about every 30 casts. For the Day around 45 people total and around 80 Shads where caught. Hoggard Mill the water is starting to drop and a few people where there fishing and catching Shad. I gave the old bow net a try for the herrings with no luck.

March 10, 2003

    Shad fishing continues to be good at Windsor town ramp. There where less people fishing today, only about 60 and a few boats. Its still not fast action, but enough to make it interesting. The rate is one Shad, about every 10 or 15 casts. I would say at less 200 Shads where caught. The high light for the Day was when a good run of big row Shads came thru. Good new! The water is dropping in the swamps, so if we have no more rain it should be outstanding Shad fishing in the weeks to come.

March 9, 2003

      Today was the best day yet for the Shad fishing. The town ramp continues to be the hot spot for Shad. At less 200 people where fishing off and on the whole day. Boats where in the river also trying for the shads. The shad are biting in waves, but not running at full capacity yet. The Shads are averaging one fish about every 20 to 25 casts. For the Day around 300 Shads where caught. If it continues to be hot like today and it does not rain anymore, the water should drop in the next few days. Then the Shad run should be in full swing and a Shad can be caught every two or three casts.

March 8, 2003

        Fishing at Windsor town ramp is heating up. When I stopped by, on the way back from rock fishing, to try my luck at a Shad. The pepole where shoulder to shoulder, but there could be room found to fish. There where at least 75 people there and 4 boats in the river fishing for Shads. For the day around 200 Shad where took. When I left I stopped by Hoggard Mill, the water is still high but there was one person fishing. I saw him catch three fish in the 10 minutes that I was there.

March 7, 2003

   Today was cold and raining at the Boat shop, but still a few hardy people where fishing for Shads. I went to try my luck at the Shads. I fished for around 30 minutes and caught one Shad. I saw about 5 more caught while I was there.

March 5,2003

Not much to tell everything is still the same. I stopped by Todd's to catch some bait to go Rock fishing. There where about 30 people fishing for Shads and there where a few fish on the bank. I saw around three shad caught in the short time I was there.                                                                                         

March 4,2003
 Shad fishing is getting better all the time. The place to catch the Shads is still Windsor town ramp. Because at Hoggard mill the water is still too high. I did not fish for the Shads today. I went Rock fishing in the Roanoke River and had good luck. When I stopped by on the way home. There where about 25 or 30 people fishing and Shads where flopping on the bank. I saw around 15 Shad on the bank and there where 4 caught in the 30 minutes I was there.

March 3,2003
The seen at the Boat shop was crowded but still fishing room could be found. There where about 15 to 20 people fishing when I was there. I was just trying to get some bait to go Rock fishing. I caught 4 shads and lost 2 or 3 and put 2 back. I saw some where around 20 Shads caught in the 2 hours that I was there. The water is still high and flowing fast so Shad fishing should get better as time goes on.

March 2, 2003

    The Shad have started to come up the river but they are not running strong yet. Today at Todd's Bait and Boat shop there where about 30 people fishing for Shad. For the day there where about 15 to 25 Shads caught. Also their where some herring caught on rod and reel. The Shad where being caught at the rate of about 2 fish per hour.

February 14, 2003

    The Shad have not come up the river yet. I fished about 25 minutes today, with no luck.

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