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Cashie River
05 - 04 -03 Shad Report
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Cashie River
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SPELLING of CASHIE ---The Cashie River has several other variations in the spelling of her name such as Kesiah, Casiah, Casia, Casayah, Cashy and Casshi. Today it is officially printed on state maps as the Cashie River.

The Cashie River is a narrow winding river, which flows out some 25 miles to the sound. Along the way it has some very deep water, with some spots being as deep as 40 foot but the average depth is around 20 feet.

Each year about mid-April, The Cashie comes alive with Shad. The best palce to be to get in on the action is in a little town called Windsor where fishermen have gather for well over 25 years. Windsor has a walking pier on the riverfront for fishing and a town boat ramps, but you don't need a boat.

In the heat of the Shad run, its not unsaul to catch a Shad every 2 or 3 casts and there many be 25 people on the banks casting for them. So you should try to make this trip. It would be well worth trying.

I will be giving the Shad Report each day so you will know when to come. Hope to see you there.



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